About Kumarakom!

In the Indian tourism landscape, Kumarakom holds an enviable position. It enjoys it by way of its natural beauty, eco-sensitivity, the rarest of rare bird sanctuaries and the verdant village ambience that jell perfectly with the magnificence of Arabian Seascape. It's of course too rare a spectacle to be missed out.

When you float out on the waters, you will find flocks of egrets and snakebirds in close quarters; the way they maneuver their way deep down into the water and surface with an unusual kill perched in between their bills.

birds of kumarakom Kumarakom offers a rare school for bird-lovers and ornithologists. Bird lovers from around the world frequent this pristine preserve that roosts extraordinary migratory attractions. Like some close encounters with them? Sit back, out in the open of the boat, and let your eyes wander. It's a treat to your eyes if you could sport a binocular.

Farther and farther you cruise, there is another dish of virtual reality floating on the waters. It's the famous Pathiraamanal, a lovely island in the lagoon. Just tell us, we will chart out a cruise incorporating all these in the majestic Kumarakom Castle.

Places of Interest

Other places of interest in the visinity of kumarakom are:
  • Pathiramanal Island
  • Kumarakom Bird Sactuary
  • Thazhathangadi Valiapalli
  • Jama Masjid Thazhathangadi
  • Tirunakkara Temple
  • Vaikom Mahadever Temple
  • Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls

Birds of Kumarakom

Kumarakom is known for its varied bird population including local varieties and migratory ones. If you are a bird lover/watcher this is a place that you must visit.
Kumarakom Birds Gallery